Sunday 26 February 2023

Machodor Domain Report (September 2022)

A major nuclear attack occurred during this month, but the worst outcome was avoided thanks to a combination of mighty magics that are constantly prepared to defend the fair city. With that excitement taken care of, the normal encounters continued to roll in.

I realised that having just 4 weeks of encounters each month would leave me 4 weeks short at the end of the year, so for the final 4 months of the year I am doing 5 weeks worth to catch up. These were the results for the September period of encounters on the "Inhabited" table;

  • Week 1
    • Brigand (40)
    • Dervish (250)
    • Assassin Bugs
  • Week 2
    • Trollops (80) with NPCs
    • Bandits (80)
    • Ogre
  • Week 3
    • Disenchanter
    • Wolf
    • Were-tiger
  • Week 4
    • Merchant (1)
    • Nomad (60)
    • Pilgrim 60
  • Week 5
    • Merchant (6)
    • Wolf
    • Hobgoblins

Suitable Encounters

Two groups of Merchants this month. With a total of 7 rolled that becomes 70,000gp in goods which breaks down to;
  • Duty at 2% = 1400
  • 10% Luxury Goods Tariff at 5% = 350
  • Sales tax of 10% = 7000

For the currency conversion from their pay chests, these Merchants had a total of 5000gp and and 500pp.
  • Currency conversion 10% of 7,500gp = 750gp

For a total of 9,500 gp. 

289 Dervish amounted to 2,890gp Citizenship fees, there were also carrying coin, gems, and jewellery that attracted a 10% conversion fee/surtax equal to 8,589gp.

The lawful good pilgrims added their numbers to Minas Mandalf, along with a small group of nomads brought the month Citizenship fees total to just under 7,000gp.

The real find of the month were the Trollops, who, according to their entry in the Trollopulous monster manual addendum can occasionally, and this month were, travelling with NPC characters. These characters included a Paladin with a cause and his companions and supporters. He arrived at a fortuitous time given the nuclear attack. The trollops themselves were carrying considerable funds attracting 500gp in currency conversion fees.

Unsuitable Encounter

The Bandits won out as the unsuitable encounter, but they certainly would not consider attracting Macho Mandalf's attention right after someone tried to nuke his city as winning. He used the Mirror of Mental Prowess to learn the layout of their castle then teleported in invisibly and cast Guards and Wards. He then methodically beat them into submission one by one, starting with their magic user, until the entire band were left with PTSD and to this day faint in fright if anyone even says "Oh Yeah!"

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