Sunday 26 February 2023

Machodor Domain Report (August 2022)

Still trying to find a look for Minas Mandalf


These were the results for the August 2022 period of encounters on the "Inhabited" table;

  • Week 1
    • Were-Tiger
    • Merchants (1)
    • Orcs (270)
  • Week 2
    • Nomad (240)
    • Giant Rat
    • Dervish (260)
  • Week 3
    • Pilgrim (70)
    • Anhkheg
    • Pilgrim (60)
  • Week 4
    • Merchants (6)
    • Wild Boar
    • Pilgrim (10)

Suitable Encounters

Two groups of Merchants this month. With a total of 7 rolled that becomes 70,000gp in goods which breaks down to;
  • Duty at 2% = 1400
  • 10% Luxury Goods Tariff at 5% = 350
  • Sales tax of 10% = 7000
For a total of 8750 GP

Amazingly, all 3 Pilgrims were Chaotic Good alignment; they all had good reactions to Macho Mandalf's stirring oratory and added a significant number of Rangers to Machodor. With them, Dervish, and Nomads (and the secretive were-tigers) also responding positively; the total citizenship fees were approximately 17,000 GP!  

Unsuitable Encounters

The Orcs came up as the unsuitable encounter, in the swamps near Minas Mandalf (an area that is hard to patrol and is in the hands of the Puglins in Fort Pug). The full details of what happened here I plan to cover at another time since it was so detailed, I call it "Assault on Fort Pug".

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