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Brovenloft: Curse of the Gnomeking


Last seen in the Battle of Hobgobiton, the Gnomeking of Gnomesville in Machodor was thought to have suffered some sort of disaster and, along with two regiments of Pegasus Dragoognomes, presumed dead.

However, as the month of October approached, rumours spread...
 seems that somehow he was in Brovenloft!

Trouble in Gnomesville
"Our people hear our voice! Then send someone from Gnomesville to lift this wretched curse; which, it seems, has spilled across the barrier into your plan of existence!" -- Cursed Gnomeking

Mach Mandalf Missing!
While battle raged in space near Dubzaron, and the fate of Stormbringer still hung in the balance, news of Brovenloft happenings was makings its way into Machodor. Unconfirmed reports suggested there may be a way into Brovenloft from Gnomesville.

Previously, some player characters had travelled to Twin Peaks in Brovenloft and from there to Rome. A week later and now the Rome in Brovenloft had formed an alliance with Machodor, a state of affairs that took some of the player characters (and me too frankly) by surprise; but, in hindsight was inevitable given the shared religion and alignment of both powers.

The Machodor Adventurers Aid Society had quickly set up a branch in Rome, and here was holding on to the Silver Spike and the Flagon that had been retrieved from Gnomesville in Machodor.

Session Report

This session was played on 07/Oct/2022 and the PCs adventured for 1 day.

"The Gnomeking needs me? I'm his top guy!" -- Amadeus (Human Cleric Level 6)

Drinking from the flagon transported the PCs West from Rome to the region the Mists of Brovenloft had manifested a Cursed copy of Gnomesville. They found themselves within the common room of the Big Persons' Inn. Featuring large windows and a single large door leading outside, it was usually the only suitable place for humans; but now there was a difference, the party had been shrunk down to gnome size themselves. 

Taking this change in their (now somewhat shorter) stride, they searched the room and found nothing unusual, and another exit; a gnome sized trap door in the floor behind the bar counter. Outside it was dark and uninviting, the screams of Nightmare-Pegasi (a bizarre hybrid created by the Mists) could be heard, but the creatures themselves could not be seen; whether due to their being ethereal, or hidden in the low clouds, the party could not tell.

They opened the trap door and surprised someone coming up from below. This someone was wearing a large floppy hat and carrying a staff, and looked familiar; yes, it was Macho Mandalf! Or was it? A quick interrogation by the PCs revealed that he was, in fact, a copy of the Wizard they knew, created using the Level 7 spell Simulacrum. He had been sent to Gnomesville in the stead of the real Macho King, who was busy elsewhere, and now found himself in Brovenloft. He volunteer that, in wizarding terms, he was a mere Conjurer himself (which the party quickly identified as meaning he was level 3).

The Simulacrum lead the party down a spiral stair case, at the bottom of which was a square shaped room filled with barrels of food and water supplies. Everything was actually gnome sized, but by now the party had adjusted to the fact that they were too, so it all seemed normal. There was a door exiting the room in the centre of each of four of the walls and the floor showed signs of recent traffic. Mandalf told them he had searched this area previously and found one of the barrels had something scrawled on it in the Lawful Good Alignment Language;

 "Gems are our desire, we cannot resist them."

They knew that the Gnomeking was lawful good, was this some kind of message from him? Putting that thought aside, the party now chose to investigate through the western door and found there a long corridor proceeded directly away. From this direction a disconcerting peal of laughter echoed as they formed up a marching order. The sound was almost chilling enough for them to go elsewhere; but, after some discussion, they agreed to light a fire arrow and shoot it down the corridor. At first nothing seemed to happen in response to this, but soon they could see a large group of grey skinned gnomes carrying weapons and shambling towards them.

Using the barrels the party set up a barricade at the doorway and from there readied themselves to hold the creatures at bay. Karshe (Human Fighter Level 3) was in the front rank, hankering to skewer some gnomes with his Military Trident +3.  The Macho Mandalf Simulacrum brandished a wand and pointed out that, although he had never used it before, he was told it was indeed a wonderful wand.  At this point he received a lot of negatives from the party, they recognised the description and knew the the random result of using the wand could be dangerous, useful, or both. 

As the zombie gnomes closed with them Amadeus failed to turn the creatures, he felt due to strong evil in the area augmenting their resistance. Indeed, he normally would have been successful, and his failure resulted in a protracted battle that was notable for one particular ability of the enemy; upon a successful hit they drained a point of dexterity. By the end of the fight several of the henchmen and a party member were down by a few points. As to whether this loss was permanent, who could say?

A search of the bodies showed that they carried nothing of value, their weapons and equipment were rotted or corroded, so the party proceeded carefully in the direction the zombies had come from. The corridor opened into a chamber and they found themselves in a dining hall dominated by a large, heavy, wooden table with twenty seats. The settings were foul with rotten food and certainly held nothing valuable, but a thorough search did turn up something; writing scrawled under the seat of one of the chairs.

"Beware the smile that causes pain, once seen the damage soon comes."

There was a door at the end of the chamber and after passing through it without issue, they found a corridor that continued west for thirty feet before turning south. As they rounded the corner a fateful random encounter roll cut this whole mission short; the Cursed Gnomeking was out taking his Giant Weasels for a walk. They rounded the corner at the same time and were suddenly face to face! 

Amadeus at top right

I had enjoyed putting together a themed encounter table for this location, and there was only a 1 in 96 chance of this encounter coming up (and that's only if I rolled a 1 on the encounter check!). So the party was immediately thrown into the deep end against a very powerful creature they had done little research into. There were many more clues scattered around the dungeon by the Gnomeking they had not yet seen. You see, the Cursed Gnomeking had a split personality. The dominant evil part was created by the Mists of Brovenloft; but, sometimes, his true lawful good alignment would briefly get the upper hand. This was why there were clues at all. Now he fought to control himself, but the Mists were stronger, all he could do was get out one last clue;

"The Spike is all you need to get to the heart of the matter."

The Battle

The Cursed Gnomeking was a Gnome Vampire. To represent the internal conflict within him during the battle I rolled each round, with the results modifying his effective 'age'.

From the 2e Ravenloft Monster Manual Appendix

At full power the Cursed Gnomeking was 500+ on this table; but, fortunately for the party, on the first round he counted as 0-99. The party was also fortunate in that he chose this round, when he was at his relative weakest, to 'smile', which has the effect of an amped up Tasha's Uncontrollable Hideous Laughter

Technically, neither side was surprised, and they were too close to charge at each other, so the Giant Weasels attacked the front line and Shinji declared his go to spell; Hypnotic Pattern. The party won initiative and the spell held 4 of the 6 Weasels, which was to be vital for the party's survival. 

Corvirius (Human Magic User Level 3) made himself invisible and brandished the blessed silver spike. I think Amadeus tried to turn the vampire (but if so it was ineffective). Some blows were traded between the front rank of Karshe,  Vincent (Human Fighter level 1),  the henchmen and the two remaining Weasels. 

Knowing they were in trouble, in a panic the party had given the OK for Macho Mandalf to use his Wand of Wonder. Now, he pointed it at the enemy and intoned the command phrase, "Oh YEAH!" Darkness engulfed the corridor 30 feet away, which was of little use but at least did no damage to the party.

Now the Cursed Gnomeking Smiled at the party.

2e Ravenloft Monster Manual Appendix

Even a his lowest strength in this round, which meant there was no penalty to the saving throw, everyone except for Shinji and the Macho Mandalf Simulacrum failed to save and started to feel a chuckle building up inside them.

Next round the party won initiative, Shinji kept up his Hypnotic Pattern, not sure what Amadeus did (maybe cast Prayer), but the rest of the melee types traded blows with the Gnomeking's Weasels.

Another roll for the Wand of Wonder resulted in a Lightning Bolt of 6d6 Damage, half that if saved against. This bolt severely wounded the four mesmerised giant weasels, and hit the Vampiric Gnomeking for half damage as he rolled a 1 (he takes half damage from lightning). However, in the confusion, the wand wielding simulacrum had not accounted for the invisible magic user sneaking up behind the vampire. 

Since there was some doubt over the Corvirius' exact position I gave him two saves; passing both would mean zero damage, passing one would mean half damage. The result was half damage, leaving him with zero hit points and he collapsed to the ground unconscious, dropping the spike as he did so. Bad, but he was still alive. And then the Cursed Gnomeking's Hideous Laughter kicked in, doing 1 point of damage to everyone who had previously failed their save and causing them to collapse as well.  

Corvirius now went down to -1 hit points and for a moment thought he was dead, but, since his Constitution was 15, he was still saveable; if someone could find the invisible magic user and render him aid. There was some real laughter at this but it soon stopped when they realised that all but Shinji and the Simulacrum were out of action.

Next round the party lost initiative and the Weasel's fell on the collapsed characters, chowing down on henchmen for the most part. The Gnomeking found time to drain Vincent's lifeforce taking 2 points of his dexterity, which, unlike with the other undead gnomes they'd fought, did not return a after just a few turns.

The Simulacrum shouted "OH YEAH!" and 30 gems shot forth from the wand in a 30 foot long stream, causing 5d4 damage to any creature in its path. 

"GEMS!" cried the Cursed Gnomeking and turned his head to follow the stream of bright stones, which did him no damage but did cause him to drop his guard momentarily. The hypnotised Weasels took the full brunt of the damage and the gems finished the job that the lightning bolt had started. As a bonus their deaths freed up Shinji from having to concentrate on his Hypnotic Pattern.

Next round the party won initiative and Vincent made his save to recover from the laughter, he jumped up and grabbed for the Gnomeking while he was distracted. Karshe also managed to get into the action and snatched up the fallen silver spike and struck the Cursed Gnomeking in his black heart.

Immediately the monster collapsed and the world changed. The dungeon began to feel insubstantial. Shinji grabbed the opportunity to collect the scattered gems that were nearby. In translucent letters a psychic message reached the party, it seemed to hang in the air before them; 

"Congratulations! You have defeated the Curse and saved Gnomesville and its Gnomeking. You may choose to stay in Brovlenloft and return to Rome, or return to Machodor. Return to Machodor Y/N" 

They let the message hang for a bit as they found and revived Corvirius and grabbed up small pouches of gems that had also appeared before them. Later they made their individual choices privately.

My d4s were absolutely broken in this session, lots of the monsters used them, and they kept coming up as 1, lucky for the party.

The Gnomeking was very happy to be home, and it looked like an ending to his plight had arrived.

A new terror

But just as things were returning to normal in Gnomesville, Patrons in Brovenloft were calling for the Cursed Gnomeking, and the Mists of Brovenloft answered!

Stay tuned!


Gems filled bags for each player

Total GP =23346gp 
Total XP = 28000

Session PCs

Corvirius (Human Magic User Level 3)

Vincent (Human Fighter Level 1) special thanks to Vincent's player who stayed up through the night in Europe to play in this session. I'm sure someone in Rome has restored Vincent's lost Dexterity by now.

Karshe (Human Fighter Level 3)

Shinji (Human Mendicant Wujen Level 4)

Amadeus (Human Cleric Level 6)

Supporting Characters

Macho Mandalf (Human Wizard Simulacrum Level 3)

Amadeus' many henchmen

Brovenloft: Cursed Gnomeking 2 (Electric Blibdoolpoolp)


Sundered from his Lawful Good alter ego and reconstituted by the Mists of Brovenloft TM, the Cursed Gnomeking immediately saw the #CurseOfLamalla as a blessing. For a start, the blood rain freed him to move around the map of Brovenloft without fear of destruction by the rays of the sun.

Seeking in ancient tomes he found that Blibdoolpoolp could be quite accommodating to those with enough gems, and he had lots. 

The addition of 3 levels gave him the power of a level 10 Cleric, which opened up Commune. Everything was going his way as, being an equal opportunity sacrificer, he had also received control of the Infernal Legion once more. Alas though, the goddess was beset by the forces of good from all sides and campaigns, and this threatened his new power source; he had to up his game! 

To facilitate this, he marshalled the Infernal Legion and went on a rampage around a nearby lake, destroying villages and collecting villagers. The lake being the closest area that might be suitable, with a large enough sacrifice, to Gate in a Temple of Blibdoolpoolp and possibly enable to goddess herself to enter Brovenloft!

All of the above was done purely from a Patron-trying-to-get-ahead standpoint; but, then, some players who had helped break the Curse of the Gnomeking in the first place wanted to finish the job. This was not something I had considered at all when making the above choices as the Cursed Gnomeking Patron. Now he had the Infernal Legion and 60,000 Ogre Skeletons they had raised for him under his control. How could a PC party stand up against that? Well, of course, that was their problem! However, I now needed to work out the finer details of the Cursed Gnomeking's plan and what would happen when. As it turned out, the Infernal Legion's contract ran out just before game night, which could make all the difference. And there was one other who had cause to take action...

Having decided on all this, I then sat back and waited to see if the players would still be interested come game night; perhaps something else might have caught their attention by then? This is one of the wonderful features of BROSR play, I would have fun if we did choose this and fun if we didn't. In the end, both happened. Let me explain.

Session Report

This session was played on 28/Oct/2022 and the PCs adventured for 1 day.

Characters were sitting around the common room in the Adventurers Aid Society in Rome discussing current events. It seemed that an aspect of the evil Lamalla had manifested far to the south, in the territory of Bro-pan. Creatures were said to be worshipping her likeness in an old temple. The party was on the verge of setting out to do something about this when a lit pipe drew their attention to the fact that they were being watched from a shadowy corner of the room.

"We don't mean to tell you people your business, but there are doings afoot far more perilous than rumours of Lamalla worshipers." 

Having captured the party's attention, the fellow slid from his stool and stood at about three and a half feet tall. He threw back his hood and revealed himself. It was the Gnomeking Inkle IV! The real one!

Those characters who had met the Gnomeking before assured their fellows that this was him. Why had he returned to Brovenloft? Well, he did not want the good name of Gnomes tarnished by the actions of the Cursed Gnomeking, even if they were merely a manifestation by the Mists of Brovenloft.

He then proceeded to explain that the Cursed Gnomeking had waxed in power and was now on the verge of a terrible human sacrifice that was sure to greatly empower Blibdoolpoolp if it was allowed to happen.

From here he info dumped the following;

  • Even since the Cursed Gnomeking became a separate being, the two have shared knowledge of what the other is thinking
  • Because of this he can sense the direction and approximate distance of the Vampire
  • And Macho Mandalf has kept the Gnomeking under a Mind Blank spell to prevent information leaking to the enemy
  • The Cursed Gnomeking intends to sacrifice 10,000 humans precisely at midnight, exactly 12 hours from now
  • The Cursed Gnomeking travels in a tent on a palanquin carried by 20 Ogre Skeletons. Within this tent is his coffin. He will never be far away from it. 
  • Gnomeking Inkle has brought Gnome Vampire hunting supplies, including Silver Spikes and 5 pairs of Macho Mandalf's Prismatic Sunglasses

He also knew the complete method for destroying a Gnome Vampire:

So much more than just a silver spike

The need to boil the vampire's hands in a volcanic hot spring was picked up on by Karshe (Human Fighter Level 4). Since the rumoured Lamalla worshippers were located near a Volcano, the party could try to kill two birds in one session! Could it be done?

Blood Rain
I put some thought into making this excellent bdubs special effect feel real this week. I figured that Rome was able to shield itself from the blood rain, so I was expecting the PCs would encounter it once they had left. I imagined they would have to work out how to use the windscreen wipers in the Broncos they had acquired in Twin Peaks. My mental boxed text had to be jettisoned though, because, after the previous session, the players now had access to a DC3 passenger plane with, it transpired, parachutes!

Previously, I had thought the PCs would have to come up with something clever to reach the location before 6pm, when certain things would start to happen, but with the plane/parachute combination they could really cut down the travel time. Exciting!

There was a lot of discussion over precisely where they should jump out, and where they should leave the plane. Such a combo of options in a D&D setting made an informed judgement a bit tricky, but soon they were flying west, high above the clouds. Their path from Rome to the lake that was their destination went directly over Cursed Gnomeville, and, as they flew over, they saw some Nightmare-Pegasi observing them from just within the cloud tops before dropping out of view; presumably to report on the strange object flying past.

Within an hour they were at the drop zone, they could see the entire area was covered in blood rain clouds, but, just to the north it was clearer and they saw the amazing sight of a double line of lights stretching far to the west and south. Glowing zombies! This was the work of remnants of the forces of Kangsta Wrappa. The players neither knew nor cared what sinister purpose this served, it was the perfect location for the plane to land and wait for the party's return. Another example of Patron shenanigans effecting session play.

They jumped out of the plane and fell through the clouds into the incessant bloody rain, their parachutes completely red and soaked by the time they reached the ground; but, knowing little about pre-WWII parachutes, I decided they would work ok. I did ask them all to Save vs Paralysis to see if they landed safely, and for the most part they did with only a few hit points lost (later we had a fun side discussion about whether Shinji's Ring of Feather Fall would have kicked in and prevented the parachute working properly).

The party stashed the parachutes out of view and began trudging south until, an hour later, they saw two stationary figures emerge through the red rain. The figures were Ogre Skeletons, partially armoured, each carrying a pole arm and facing out towards them. Moving parallel to them and continuing south, the party soon saw another pair that could have been twins to the first (quads?). Further examination revealed that there was a third Ogre Skeleton behind each pair, this one was facing away and holding a human trapped within its powerful grasp and suspended above the edge of a large body of water. No doubt this was the lake they were seeking, the undead appeared to be awaiting a signal to begin some kind of sacrifice. Rain pelted down on the faces of the trapped humans, who appeared to be worse for wear, but still alive.

It seemed obvious that the two outfacing Ogres were operating under orders to stand guard and attack anyone who got too close, and, if this scene was truly replicated 10,000 times around the lake, any attempt to save individuals here and there was futile. They had to press on to find the ringleader, the Vampire Gnome. It was now 2pm.

For another 4 hours the party continued trudging south, keeping the pairs of Ogre Guards just in sight on their right as they went. Indeed there were such formations of 3 Ogres every 30 or so feet and they soon lost count of them. They had a close encounter with a Nightmare-Pegasus patrol, but managed to take cover in a nearby copse of trees before they could be spotted, and the abominations flew on to the north.

Finally, just as the sun was setting, out of the rain ahead of them something new appeared. It proved to be a palanquin, but, just as they confirmed this fact, the Ogre Skeletons stationed around it flexed their undead sinews and lifted the burden onto armoured shoulders. A few strides forward put them at the lakeshore, and clearly their intent was to carry on into the water.

Shinji (Human Wujen Level 4) sprang into action with a request for the Gnomeking to let him borrow his Ring of Invisibility, the Gnome agreed, and soon the humble mendicant was off chasing the palanquin from behind. By the time he had clambered on to the top of it and approached the rear of a lavish tent that was pitched there, the Ogres were already up to their shoulders in lake water. The sound of the rain faded into the background, for it was not raining on the lake itself, and this fact, combined with Shinji slicing through the back of the tent with his short sword, allowed him to see the fantastic sight of a giant Ziggurat that had somehow come into being on an island scarcely big enough to hold it. The whole thing was surmounted by a 20' tall statue of Blibdoolboolp herself. The statue shimmered in the fading light, it looked to be completely covered in gems!

Left on the soggy shore, the rest of the party could only watch, not daring to approach closer to the Ogre Skeletons stationed there, or try to cross the lake themselves, though the distance to the island was only 60' or so.

Shinji made his way through the tent from where he had cut a hole in its rear panel, pausing to collect some stray gems scattered among the silken floor coverings as he passed a gnome sized coffin. He could see through the tent flap that ahead of him there were 10 Ogre skeletons in two rows of five, the front row were each carrying a human as they went. He could just make out the dark shape of the Cursed Gnomeking at the head of the procession.

The group moved forward as one on to the island and then the first steps of the temple. It was clear that some sort of sacrifice, though perhaps preliminary to the main event scheduled for midnight, was beginning even now.

Though there was supposed to be still nearly 6 hours left until the main event, Shinji decided he had to do something now to prevent this first sacrifice, so he called out to distract the enemy, knowing that this in itself would not break his invisibility. 

"AAAWOOOOOooooo!" -- Shinji the humble mendicant.

Then, a lot of things happened at once. The Cursed Gnomeking ordered the rear rank of Ogre Skeletons to turn about and kill anything they found. He also retrieved an unconscious victim from the front rank of Ogres and un-ceremonially sacrificed him at the first of several altars that were stationed on the stairs which lead up the Ziggurat to the statue of Blibdoolpoolp. As soon as he had done so, the statue itself seemed to move, as though it was coming to life! He then started up the stairs as fast as his little undead feet would go.

Shinji realised that his actions had merely sped things up. I had no idea what the party could do from here to stop the Cursed Gnomeking. 

They decided to go for an all out attack.

Corvirius (Human Magic User Level 4) rummaged through his belongings and pulled out a scroll of the 6th level spell Otiluke's Freezing Sphere. Due to difference between his level and the spell, he only had a 60% chance of being successful, but he managed to pronounce it correctly; and, suddenly, the party had a way to cross to the island without having to go into the water, as the top 6 inches froze solid from the shore to the island.

Ever noticed that PCs instinctively fear water? With good reason in this case as the lake was filled with nasty denizens from Blibdoolpoolp's domain.

The rear rank of 5 Ogre Skeletons passed right by the invisible Shinji, who still did not dare to attack directly but moved forward after the Vampire Gnomeking.

Bob (Human Cleric Level 1), unable to ignore their plight any longer, chose this moment to try and free one of the humans trapped in the arms of an Ogre Skeleton on the shoreline. Karshe reluctantly rushed to support him. Together they managed to go toe-to-toe with the 5HD undead guards.

Corvirius showed how he had learned his lesson from his last encounter with the Cursed Gnomeking, instead of making himself invisible and attacking directly, he made the new fighter invisible and let him attack. John Smith (Human Fighter Level 1) grabbed a flask of holy water in each hand and announced that we would charge and overbear the Vampire Gnome!

The good Gnomeking himself strode forward across the ice, making himself a target for the 5 Ogre Skeletons moving in that direction. They rained down blows upon him but he gave as good as he got. 
"Back you abominations, away!" he shouted, or something cool anyway. This had the strange effect of halting the undead in their tracks, and they did indeed begin backing away. When they were raised by the Infernal Legion, the undead had been ordered to "Obey the commands of the Gnomeking," and they were too simple minded to be able to tell the difference between the two. One of the PC's had nearly guessed this earlier in the session.

Now John Smith charged unseen past the Ogre skeletons and collided with the Vampire Gnomeking from behind, bringing him down before he could reach the next altar on the stairs to the top of the Ziggurat. The holy water burned the vampire, and, while he was down, Shinji joined in the attack with his Short Sword +2. Unfortunately, neither his weapon or the non-magical weapon wielded by John Smith effected the Vampire in the least, and in reply he Smiled  at them.

The Smile of a Vampire Gnome nearly wiped the party out last time around; but, this time, they were well prepared thanks to their Prismatic Sunglasses. The effects of the smile were reflected back on the Vampire Gnome, and, extraordinarily, he failed his save against his own smile!

While he was down, giggling to himself in frustration, Shinji staked him with a Silver Spike. Immediately the vampire fell still. In a flash the real Gnomeking reached them and began to assemble a small box after he had cut off the Gnome Vampire's hands. They placed they handless body in the box and gouged out its eyes to be replaced later with precious gems.

There was then a sudden shift in the atmosphere around them. Whatever force was keeping the temple in Brovenloft had been withdrawn, and the island, with the Ziggurat upon it, began to break up and sink into the lake. All eyes turned to the statue of Blibdoolpoolp, or, more accurately, the fortune upon its surface, as it toppled over and smashed into a cascade of flashing bright gems.

Some of the party successfully risked a couple of rounds in the chaos to pocket some of the gems before the whole place collapsed and was pulled back into the Plane of Water.

Back on soggy land, the Gnomeking ordered the closest Ogre Skeleton to release its captive human. When it did so straight away the next in line copied the movement, so did the next, and so on, until they could no longer see but could hear the sounds of humans being dropped into the lake and splashing about to the shore. They healed up and, just as they were about ready to leave, the last Ogre Skeleton to the North dropped his human into the lake too. All 10,000 captives (minus the unfortunate victim of the Cursed Gnomeking) had been saved!

After this the skies cleared and the party marched back north to meet up with the DC3. Along the way the Gnomeking gave some more orders to the Ogre Skeletons 


The further adventures from this session (flying back to Rome, picking up some more PCs and flying to Bropan's domain) are touched on at Mr Wargaming's site here.

When Brovenloft was announced I didn't immediately have any ideas how I wanted to participate, but soon the idea of the Cursed Gnomeking popped into my head. In the end his story was exactly what I had hoped for with interaction from both Patrons and PCs. You can win at RPGs!

One self-criticism; in hindsight, I think in both sessions I was a bit too lenient on the use of unarmed combat against a creature that is immune to normal weapons. I think it makes sense that they can be knocked down, but not stunned or damaged. In the end though, neither time did it make a difference to the outcome.


Treasure: Fists filled with Gems

Total GP =23,346gp 
Total XP = 31,346

Session PCs

Corvirius (Human Magic User Level 4)

John Smith (Human Fighter Level 1)

Karshe (Human Fighter Level 4)

Shinji (Human Mendicant Wujen Level 4)

Bob (Human Cleric Level 1)

Supporting Characters

Gnomeking Inkle IV (Gnome Cleric Level 7)

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