Tuesday 7 February 2023

Decemborc, Rise of the Orc Lords; Finale


Porcus vs Hollyfelled


The Southeast Conference and allies were riding high after our victory over the Klon Triumvirate; immediately there were calls to turn our might against others such as Hollyfelled or Garek Bloodtide. I was feeling magnanimous and would not hear of such talk, either I was looking at the big picture or was not playing an Orc properly. When the dust settled I was very happy Bloodtide, with his Battlemaster ability, was on the far side of Malturrim. 

Khaleb Ghines was also a concern, he was placed to hit the farms himself and could conceivably do so twice in the 3 days available to him.

Slowly, like a fresh kill, my goodwill decayed into suspicion; I realised that I had become an obvious target. Everyone, including me, publicly expressed their desire to finish in Carnatium, but I realised that if I agreed to participate in such a plan I would be susceptible to betrayal. I also, somehow, thought there was another Orc Lord force in (4,6), and this phantom force shaped my decision making. 

I had gold and slaves to trade in to the Dread Lord, but what I wanted most was to stay out of trouble and hopefully score more easy loot from the farmers. For this was the real secret of the game, sacking Carnatium was good as a trophy, but the farms were where the best loot was.

So, I could split my forces, send some south to Carnatium with the others and send the rest through the portal, or, I could keep my force together; I could even bunker down in Grimdark Town; but, whatever option I chose I would be a target. I didn't want to put my comrades in the position of betrayal being their best option. There seemed to be no clear move that could guarantee safety while still getting a little human action. 

Being on top of the Leader board, I could have done without this short week of three days entirely. As far as I could tell, all I could do was lose the game if I made the wrong move. With the pressure of Christmas approaching, and a bit of uncertainty over when orders were due, I made an error; I went to an obvious place.

Although it worked out in the end, in hindsight I should have given up on a last hurrah with the farmers and just marched North or North West.


Week 5 Orders
Day 1
  • Porcus Junior at Malturrim to sober up and asap deliver to the Dread Lord the 6800 gold and 680HD human Slaves he's been sitting on
  • Main Porcus Force Army in 4,6 to move to 4,7 (Portal) 

Day 2
  • Porcus Orcus and 10hd of orcs with 1275 gold & 210 humans to move through the portal to Malturrim and immediately cash in all gold and humans
  • Gizzard Force (Gizzard the Wizard & his invisible body guards, 480HD Orcs, 410HD Goblins) moves to 3,7 

Day 3
  • Gizzard Force raids the farms in (2,6)


Khaleb Ghines surprised me with a brilliant manoeuvre that saw him hit the farms on day 1, rest AND join up with Kul and Kris Karnhell on day 2 in the outskirts of Carnatium, then the three of them together sacked the city on day 3.

I had figured that keeping my army together and moving my entire force to the portal at 4,7 was the percentage play, but at least one Orc Lord anticipated the move, which, in hindsight, was an obvious one. 

In the end though, only Hollyfelled moved there to attack. I guess some of my close allies had passed up a chance to join him (for which I will reward them). I had to appreciate Hollyfelled's commitment, it was a battle he would lose on a roll of anything less than a 6; but, fortune favoured him and I was forced to withdraw back to (4,6). I renamed it New New Porcus Town and ordered my troops to settle in and wait there. Though a setback, this was no disaster, and, by avoiding any large scale killing of other Orcs I had strengthened my own hand, as, after the final tallies were made I was awarded the title of Warlord and full command.

Warlord Porcus Orcus


I've gone into a lot of detail in these reports, thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed them. Many thanks again to Mr Wargaming who went to such lengths to keep us entertained with Decembork, I'll never forget it. 

As I write it appears that Lamalla herself has been defeated; but, fear not, the forces of Porcus Orcus, refreshed and prepared, are planning to march on in a BROSR campaign near you.

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