Sunday 29 January 2023

Decemborc, Rise of the Orc Lords; Week 1


Having staked everything on regime change in Goblin Town, I began setting the stage with some propaganda. Yes, I was the big protector of our little brothers the Goblins.

A secondary part of all this was that if I could keep the others from Goblin Town for a day or two it would make a big difference to the number of Goblins remaining there when I arrived. Oghma and Kul of the Dripping Blades could make it on day 2. The earliest I could get there was day 3, which was the same as Kris Karnhell and Lorem Ipsum (which I figured he would do). If all 4 Orc Lords hit Goblin Town there could be 500 or more Goblins taken before I could execute my plan! 

In the lead up to the beginning of December Kris Karnhell, Kul of the Dripping Blades, and I had made contact and, thankfully, realised that our close proximity (no other 3 tribes were located so close together) and relatively poor location made us natural allies. From there it was inevitable that the unfortunate Oghma became our target, as the nearest other Orc Lord in a prime location that we could hit. But he wasn't just a target for plunder, since, if he was allowed to grow strong, we could be bottled up in the south east indefinitely.

South Eastern Conference 

What to do? I figured Oghma would split his force on day 1:

  • "He's got a lot of extra troops from the draw, I'm thinking he'll send his gold with a light force to Malturrim. That will get him I think 110HD reinforcements on day 3."
  • "He'll probably send another force to goblin town and come away with slaves he can also get to Malturrim in the first week." 

I pushed for KK to immediately move north to attack Oghma on day 2, which, if I was right, would catch him with his pants down at home and before the day 3 reinforcement's I expected him to get. This wasn't just about delaying both in getting to Goblin Town; If Oghma managed to get the reinforcements behind his walls then he could stand off all 3 of our armies. Kul and I would then arrive later in the week to finish the job.


Porcus Orcus Orders Dec 1-7
Day 1
Porcus Force consisting of:
One 5HD warlord with five 3HD bodyguards
Two 4HD sub-chiefs with three 2HD bodyguards
One 3HD spellcaster (magic-user Wizard)
190 Orc warriors at 1HD each Total HD = 240
  • Moves to 10,7
  • Gizzard the Wizard casts Invisibility on a Sub-Chief
  • Subchief with body guards and 10HD Orc Warriors left in 10,08 (Porcus Town) total HD = 20
Day 2 Porcus Force moves to 10,6
  • Gizard the Wizard casts Invisibility on Warlord
Day 3 Porcus Force moves to Goblin Town (10,5) 
  • Recruits Goblins due to goblin friend ability
  • Execute Plan "Goblin Town is ours!": Invisible Warlord and Sub-Chief sneak in to capture (or kill) the goblin leader and convince him to follow the commands of Porcus Orcus.
Day 4 
  • If plan "Goblin Town is ours!" is successful then merge the entire force of available Goblins into Porcus Force and move to 9,5. 
  • If plan "Goblin Town is ours" is unsuccessful and Porcus Orcus is no longer "Goblin Friend" stay and raid Goblin Town, if still "Goblin Friend" then split into Porcus Force B (One Sub-Chief and body Guards with 40HD Orcs) & Porcus Force (the remainder)
  • Porcus Force B moves to 11,5
  • Porcus Force moves to 9,5
Day 5 
  • Porcus Force moves to either 8,5 or 8,4 depending on situation in 8,5...
Day 6 
  • Porcus Force moves to 7,5
Day 7 
  • Porcus Force moves to Matlurrim
1) On day 3 & day 5 there is likely to be conflict with other Orc Lords, will have to adapt to the situation.
2) One Orc Subchief with invisibility will attempt to infiltrate any opposing force that has Goblins and attempt to have them defect to Porcus Orcus in exchange for their freedom and a reward.
3) non-hostile Orc forces with Goblins will be offered 125gp per 10HD of Goblins


The problem with the 'Attack Oghma' plan was that KK would be going out of his way and taking all the risk himself, so, in the end, he decided to go straight to Goblin Town instead. On the plus side, Oghma himself only raided Goblin Town and did not get the reinforcements from Malturrim that I was worried about.

The Goblin Town Coup didn't work out so well, as everyone knows by now. I like to think that my propaganda helped a little way and that my goblins still believed I was a goblin friend after all as I rounded them up later.

Things worked out rather differently than planned with the Oghma attack, KK and I, for our various reasons, did not reach him, and Kul ended up attacking by himself. Kul was none too please about this; but we pledged to make it up to him in Week 2. 

The big unforeseen boon was that Lorem Ipsum went elsewhere and, for now, was not our problem.

Orc Lords at the end of Week 1

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