Wednesday 10 August 2022

The Puglins of Machodor

Vitruvian Pug

-- From the notes of Macho Mandalf

This time or there abouts last year, the manpower situation at the "Ruined Keep" (yet to be renamed Minas Mandalf) was dire, compared to today, standing at;

150 Pugmen

6 Goblinas

Once the scourge of the Trollopulous sewers and swamps, these guys were now completely under my sway thanks to Charm spells.

Captured from the former goblin city of Nilbog. 

It seemed logical to me that Polymorph Other can change a creature's species, but not its sex; so the Charmed Goblinas were vital to my plan, which was as follows:

  1. Polymorph female goblin into a Pugwoman 
  2. NSFW
  3. Cast Haste on the pregnant Pugwoman. Haste ages its recipient 1 year, thus bringing the little blighter to term and, as it happens, maturity.
  4. Charm them 
  5.  Profit!

The plan was to repeat the above process until sufficient numbers for expansion existed.

So far so good, however, the first batch of new troops did not quite turn out the way I expected. It seems that breeding with Polymorphed creatures results in a hybrid rather than a pure blood. The creatures that emerged were smaller, weaker, and uglier than before; with the saving grace that they could now speak a language other than Yipps and barks. I needed a new name so, naturally, I called them Puglins.

The Puglins proved to be exceptional diggers, so the first job for them was digging the massive ditches first around the Keep, the foundation of the city of Minas Mandalf, then around other sites in Machodor.

One day I was explaining all this to the Half-Orc Fagor, whose alarm increased at every step of the process as he grasped its meaning. I supposed he was correct that perhaps creating a vast number of Puglins could just possibly backfire on me at some future date. I suppose also it was just as well I didn't think to apply these methods with the four captured Tharks I had.

Around the same time a huge force of 40,000 Weebs landed on the shores to the south west. I soon realised that I was not going to Puglin my way out of this problem, and ceased production.

In the end there were 450 Puglins created. 

Fort Pug

Now the majority of the Puglins live in the swamp, near Minas Mandalf, in a captured castle and are responsible for the patrol of its environs. The remainder garrison the outpost at the formerly named "Lake Town". Since its founding the lake itself has disappeared into the earth, so the place is now simply known as "Town".

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