Monday 15 August 2022

Macho Mandalf's Prismatic Sunglasses

In March, After many months of busy Domain work, Macho Mandalf finally had time to settle down to some spell research. Having been nearly destroyed by a Penanggalan, he wanted a spell that would protect his sight from such horrors. As per DMG pg 115, I first brainstormed ideas with the DM, before agreeing on the level and text of the spell. Below is the result.

Macho Mandalf's Prismatic Sunglasses (Abjuration, Conjuration/Summoning)

Level: 5 Components: V,S,M
Range: Touch Casting Time: 5 segments
Duration: 12 turns + 6 turns/level  Saving Throw: Special
Area of Effect: special

Explanation/Description: This spell enables the magic-user to conjure up a 
pair of shimmering, multi-coloured, dazzling sunglasses which provide infravision to 60' and protection against all negative effects that operate via the visual faculties, for example; the gaze attack of a basilisk, a continual light spell cast on the eyes, the fear effect from the sight of a mummy, even the charming gaze of a vampire.

Where the recipient of this spell would otherwise suffer from such effects they are negated. In addition, a saving throw versus magic is made, which, if successful, causes the effect or effects to be reversed back on their source, if possible, causing it to suffer the same effects or, if appropriate, make a saving throw but with a -4 penalty due to the amplification effect of the glasses' magic. 
The caster may choose to either instantiate the glasses as objects that can be handed out to others, or a simple spell effect that attaches to the recipient for its duration. The former of these two methods requires the use of a gem not less than 500gp in value.

So, what did all this cost?

Dungeon Masters Guide Page 115, Spell Research                                       Prismatic Sunglasses

In the preceding months, a great library of arcana was created in the Minas Mandalf Keep. The minimum cost for such a thing not listed, but since the lack of one results in a 2000gp per spell level penalty, it seems reasonable to assume it the cost of the Library would be 2000gp per level of spell that could be researched in it. So 12000gp (level 6) in the case of Macho Mandalf. 

Duration of research: 5 Weeks base (minimum 6)

Chance of Success
: 10base +18 (Int) +12 (level) -10 (spell level *2) = 30%

Note that according to the above formula, adjusting the chance of success upwards is VERY expensive. A domain would need to be at least an order of magnitude more wealthy to consider such spending.

However, when you consider the conditions under which spell research is possible, the cost in time may well be a bigger loss; if you have the money then finishing the spell research ASAP could indeed be worth it.


Base cost 1000gp per week.

Weekly variable of 500 to 2000gp for additional materials.

Duration of research: 5 Weeks base (with a minimum of 6)

I was lucky and rolled under 30 on week 6, so the total expenditure ended up at 12400gp. Bargain!

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