Wednesday 27 July 2022

Machodor Domain Report (April 2022)

The Puglins are holding on to their secrets this week, so the April report it is! These were the results for the April period of encounters on the "Inhabited" table;

  • Week 1
    • Bandits (160)
    • Pilgrims (40)
    • Merchants (50k gp)
  • Week 2
    • Trollops with Merchants (10k gp)
    • Giant Rats
    • Dervish (280)
  • Week 3
    • Brigands (110)
    • Merchants (60k)
    • Anhkhegs*
  • Week 4
    • Killmouli
    • Merchants (60k)
    • Pilgrims (80)

Suitable Encounters

The Trollopulous campaign has very few demi-humans running about, so, after finding large numbers of them with my Domain encounters the DM has changed the encounter table to replace them with Trollops (ed. the Gnome King is not pleased). Trollops are usually found with 'Men' and so a further roll is made to determine which kind, in this case Merchants. I'm sure it is just a coincidence that this group of merchants is practically broke with only 10k gp in goods.

Four groups of Merchants this month include the one with the Trollops.  With a total of 18 rolled that becomes 180,000gp in goods which breaks down to;
  • Duty at 2% = 3600
  • 10% Luxury Goods Tariff at 5% = 900
  • Sales tax of 10% = 18000
For a total of 22500 gp. 

Pilgrims; One group of Chaotic Good and one of Lawful Good. This meant a number of sorely need Rangers were recruited, along with more Paladins for the various orders springing up in Minas Mandalf.

Citizenship fees were sparse this month coming in at around 2000gp, however there was another source of income this month as well.

Gold Macho

This month saw the first fruits of new currency of the realm. As per DMG page 90, players who bring foreign currency from dungeons and the like need to convert the coinage, with 10% going to the Domain. Not something to overlook when planning the finances!

Unsuitable Encounters

The Bandits, Brigands, and Killmouli missed out in favour of the Anhkheg for the monthly unsuitable encounter.

The village of Santxol's Folly, was newly constructed on the site where brigands had foolishly botched an ambush at a rocky prominence with commanding views of the region (you might remember this from an earlier domain report). Surrounding the town is rich loamy soil which should be ideal for farming. The inhabitants were to find that the soil was a bit too ideal, and attracted the attention of Anhkhegs with a taste for farm animals, and farmers!

A party of stout adventurers found and eliminated the threat, but not before most of the town's garrison was defeated in an Aliens-esq debacle below the foundations of the church. The Adventure proved to be successful without further loss of (human) life.

Note here that the reward includes training, in the form of a training voucher like the one below;

There are a lot of high level NPCs in Minas Mandalf now, working for the Macho King, so this is a way for him to reward adventurers without dipping into his spell research funds.

Elsewhere, the continuing scuffles between the Hobgoblins and Tharks had turned into a full on siege. Machodor's scouts were all over this, and forces were ready, awaiting the right time to strike.

And, how could I almost forget? April saw the public debut of the Machodor Psicorps! Springing from a not so innocent question from the DM regarding Machodor's anti-psionic defences, these guys might need their own post.

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