Tuesday 3 October 2023

Solo Play Session 2: Dwarves and their Gems


Elf Team A


This session took place on 24/09/2023, and the Characters adventured for 1 day.

Characters Present

Beldroth (Level 1 Elf Magic User)
Ilphar  (Level 1 Elf Assassin)
Fingar(Level 1/1 Elf Fighter Magic User)
Morthil  (Level 1 Elf Assassin, LE)


The party dropped off their prisoner; named Celadyde, and prepared to return to the dungeon. With the captured spells books in hand, Beldroth was able to learn Sleep and Fingar was able to learn Find Familiar. He used the latter to summon forth a powerful...toad, but, at least rolled the maximum hit points of 4. As the front line defender that was a welcome boost for him.

Session Report

The NPCs know their own way to the dungeon now. This was no encounter on the way. The party arrived without incident and descended into Appendix A.

Once again there was nothing here

They party, now with more than one ration and sword to share, swiftly retraced their steps. In their leathers they could move at 120' per turn, and, having mapped previously, could move at 5 times that pace as they swiftly retraced their steps back to a corridor running parallel to one they had already explored. Here they found a trap door, and, bull's-eye, stairs going down to level 3. Triple the loot and triple the danger! Down they went.

I turned two pages in my graph paper book and carefully lined up the spot with the stairs. On reaching level III they found two corridors: one east; and one back to the north west, which ended in a door at the very limit of their infravision. Moving east there was another north west passage, but it was cut off by a 20' wide river, so they continued until the corridor turned sharply north. They found two empty chambers before entering (1) with occupants. What monsters were going to be first to get it today? Dwarfs, twenty seven dwarfs! 

aren't these suckers just asking for it?

This time the four elves were working with four segments of surprise, and greed once again caused them to attack a larger party. Assassinations, archery, and a Sleep spell wreaked havoc; only seven were still alive to try and surrender at the beginning of the first round. Dead dwarfs tell no tales, the party dragged their bodies to the river and dumped them in one by one.

In the same chamber they found 8 gems and 3,000 Copper pieces. Though they had barely worked up a sweat, they decided to loot and scoot; but, when they got to the stairs, they looked at the door in the north west corridor and thought "Why not?". It was nearly a disaster, behind the door (3) were 14 Giant centipedes, and they were not surprised. The party won initiative and pulled the door shut, then scooted for real.

There were no more encounters to hinder them, and they returned home safely to discover that the gems were worth quite a bit! In fact, all but Fingar had levelled up.

Treasure and XP

Monetary Treasure
Gem: 50 gp Banded Agate.
Gem: 5000 gp Opal.
Gem: 100 gp Onyx.
Gem: 200 gp Sardonyx.
Gem: 3000 gp Sapphire.
Gem: 100 gp Rock Crystal.
Gem: 45 gp Blue Quartz.
Gem: 20 gp Moss Agate.

Dwarf coins 702 gp

27 Dwarfs 506 XP

dwarf junk, weapons and equipment looted.

Monsters Total:  506 XP
Treasure Total:   8515gp  XP

XP & GP Assignment 

Beldroth (Level 1 Elf Magic User) 2225XP & 2129 GP
Ilphar  (Level 1 Elf Assassin) 2225XP & 2129 GP
Fingar (Level 1/1 Elf Fighter Magic User) 2225XP & 2128 GP
Morthil  (Level 1 Elf Assassin, LE) 2225 XP & 2128 GP


Empty so far

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