Friday 29 October 2021

Downtime Between Session 4 & 5


Due to various real life issues, we've had to cancel the last few sessions. However, quite a bit has happened in downtime. Rather that lump that into the next session report I thought I'd cover it separately here.

This downtime was from  01/Oct/2021 to 28/Oct/2021.

Downtime Report


When the Wererats died they resumed their human forms, Dorf recognised a distinctive scar on one of their faces that matched the Inn keeper's description of one of the lodgers in the Badger and Serpent.

After a few more days when the lodgers hadn't paid Fineli agreed to let Dorf search the room. Inside were the usual sort of things travellers might have, along with a locked box under a bed. Sitting on the box was a sheet of parchment with a drawing on it. Dorf could make out that the shape was familiar, but the writing was in a language that no one in the party could read.


  • Crown Prince Darion has fallen gravely ill, this is why troops have been returning to the homeland, in order to bolster the succession claims of his three brothers, and two sisters.
  • A caravan of merchants has failed to Arrive at Tregard after leaving Briar Village 2 weeks ago.
  • The Castleport Mercenary Guild offers training, membership, and lodging for those adventurous enough to join.


Dorf made some careful enquiries and then found the solution to reading the map close to home. The Magic User, Glasses, who had recovered from nearly being throttled to death by his leader, Burghast, said he could help.

Map entries translated by Glasses
Glasses uses his comprehend languages spell and fills in the translations on the map the party found. Although his spell allows him to read the language, it does not identify what language it is. However, he recognised certain symbols once he had the context and became very concerned. He thinks those wererats were assassins from an assassins' guild! (Which I think I may have telegraphed by now)

Kevin the 53rd eagerly examined the box belonging to the two assassins that Dorf found. He detected, and disarmed, a nasty trap. However, he was unable to pick the lock. Faced with waiting to level up for another try, or relying on Clyde's brute strength, they chose the latter.

Clyde then carefully, but forcefully, attempted to pry open the lock and was successfully on the first try. When he opened the box there was a sound of breaking glass! Unfortunately, it seems one of two potion flasks inside had been broken, spilling its red liquid over the contents of the box; which were:
  • One surviving potion
  • Two short swords
  • Two sets of human sized leather armour, one of which was of high quality (later Arlia detected it was magical)
  • 4 gems worth 260gp
Funny how the dice can work out. In a dungeon setting forcing the box would be a more rushed affair with a higher chance of damaging the contents; but, given that they were at their leisure, I ruled that there was only a 5% chance of having to roll a save for the potions, and I gave a +7 bonus to the saving throws of each. Unlucky!

They were able to clean the red liquid off the other contents without a problem. Maybe some of the potion effects will be absorbed by the items, who knows?

Dorf now has a number of merchants who know him from his bouncer job at The Badger and Serpent and from his selling of the party treasure, one of them tells him that one of the gems they found is worth 1000gp! The merchant doesn’t carry that much cash travelling around but is happy to part with 415gp for the other gems.

Continuing in downtime they went into Castleport and haggled with their acquaintance Myzarn of Alchemy to Go until he agreed to identify the other potion; which was a potion of speed. The leather armour was worth 300xp if kept and used, but 2000gp (and therefore 2000xp) if sold instead. Since it was human sized armour, and their thief was a dwarf, keeping it did not offer much benefit to the Party.

So, the three PCs chose to sell the magic armour and use the proceeds, along with the bulk of their other funds, to train to the next level. Yes, levelling in downtime is possible with Elite BROSR play. This was done at the Mercenary Guildhouse in the Old Quarter. The trainers there were kind enough to throw in a year's membership fee with the training costs of 4500gp. The next session will probably pick up from there.

Training Montage (Alexa play "Eye of the Tiger")


Treasure and Experience Total XP 2500

Monsters 0

Treasure 2500gp


Session PCs

Clyde Foot (10% XP Bonus) Half Elven Fighter Level 2 720XP Gained. Total 2325 Levelled!

Dorf (10% XP Bonus) Human Fighter Level 2 XP 750 Gained. Total 2393 Levelled!

Kevin the 53rd (10% XP Bonus) Dwarf Thief Level 2 XP 720 Gained. Total 1811 Levelled!

Supporting Characters

Arlia Human NPC (10% XP Bonus)  Cleric level 1  0 XP Gained. Total 462

Team Burghast;  Thigru Fighter Level 2, 1 Henchmen 0 XP

Garion Human Henchman (10% XP Bonus)  Fighter level 1  0 XP Gained. Total 357

Flevion Human Henchman (10% XP Bonus)  Fighter level 1  0 XP Gained. Total 357

Campaign Grave Yard

The Unnamed Henchman, Fighter level 1 DECEASED. Killed by spider poison in session 3.

Waxxion Human Henchman, Fighter level 1 DECEASED. Had his throat torn out by a Wererat Assassin in session 4.


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